Our Services

Backup and Off-Site storage

DPS provides a comprehensive backup on off-site storage service. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor a backup services that suits your needs and most importantly your budget. We can work with you to ensure that your valuable data is being backed up. Provide you with proven technical solutions, training and off-site storage.   It doesn’t matter if you   want some help and advice or if you   want us manage it all. We can simply pickup and store your backups or we   can handle the work in its entirety.

We can pick   up   your data or you can deliver it, Virus, Spyware, addware and malicious software checks are a standard part of the service. We can do bi-daily, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly services.

Contingency Planning

In its simplest form “Contingency Planning” is asking “What If” and deciding on a plan to handle each “What if” scenario. It’s a process of deciding in advance what the company or business requirement would be in the event of a situation. Then implementing a plan, putting it into place and ensuring that it is tested regularly.   It could include technical solutions or policy and procedures that would minimize down time after such an event. Site documentation, staff training and manuals are an integral part of this planning.

Living here in Darwin we are more than aware of the many local environmental nasties that can cause us problems if we don’t take steps to safeguard ourselves against them. cyclones, power irregularities and surges, humidity and staff mobility are all to be considered.

Network Design and Integration

Way back when you started your business, one   PC was all you needed. Now after all of those years, you look around the offices and find that you have PC’s on every desk. Through osmosis rather than good planning, there are PC’s connected by luck and a piece of wet string and you have no idea how it all works. When there is a problem, your I.T support company is like seagulls, and make a lot of noise, leave a mess everywhere but generally get the job done. Whenever this happens your realize that you are absolutely at their mercy.   You realize that you have no control over the network and no idea of how you can get control again.

If this is you,   or if you are just starting out and want to avoid falling into the same trap. You need our “Network Design and Integration Service”   We can design a new network, or integrate into your   existing network in a way that is scalable for the future and that conforms to a plan that suits your business. We believe that it is important to design a network that   suits your business, rather than try to have your business work the     way your network dictates.

We provide I.T Solutions that are appropriate to your business and don’t believe that you should upgrade simply because you can.

Independent Network Auditing

There are a numerous reasons that you may need to get an independent network audit. These reasons could vary from the a simple boring old hardware and software audit for tax depreciations purposes, asset preparation prior to sale, an in-depth technical examination designed to provide proofs for an legal or other type of investigation.

You may have embedded I.T support or use an external I.T service provider but aren’t quite sure if you are getting what you are paying for. It may be time for you to be seen to be looking and a “In your face type audit” may be just what the office needs to shake it up. If not,   you may need an independent and discrete network audit to ensure that both your I.T providers and your staff are playing by the rules.

We provide discrete auditing and reporting on a “Once Off” or an ongoing basis both locally on site or remotely.

Emergency Data Recovery

Passwords are lost, things break, get stolen or simply fail to work as expected. We provide an emergency data recovery service to assist you when it all goes wrong. We provide a first line level of service to recover data and make it available as soon as possible. We also are able to assist in in-depth recovery through affiliated services providers.

Site Documentation

We believe that “Knowledge is Power” and complete documentation ensures that you or another computer company can easily understand your network. You cannot rely and hope that someone else can work it out when the time comes. Ensure you create and maintain accurate site documentation.

There is no getting around it. Nobody likes doing site documentation and Australia provides living proof that 8 in 10 Australian businesses have incomplete or non-existent documentation. The Business Computer Users Association of Australia (BCUAA) declared that business’s that have complete and update site documentation enjoy on average 45% less ongoing maintenance costs. It also stated that business’s who have complete documentation enjoy on average a massive 70% less down time than their counter parts.

DPS provide a complete “Site Documentation Service” where we conduct a complete audit of your computer network and provide a complete technical site document that included technical specializations, passwords and pictorial site maps. Depending on your needs we are also able to provide a comprehensive software audit and library construction. Match the technology to the organization‚s capabilities. Don‚t go overboard on technology you cannot effectively control.   Don’t purchase new technology simply because it is new. New is not always better.

Independent advice and Support

Data Protection and Support don’t sell hardware or software and are an independent service provider with no financial affiliation with any other I.T Business or provider so we are able to provide technical and impartation advice to our customers. So if you need some help in getting the best equipment or price we are more than happy to come shopping with you and act as your independent negotiator and advisor.

General Computer and Network Support

Something isn’t working or you just need some technical support around the office. Please don’t hesitate to call. We provide a “General Computer and Network Support” either on contract or on an “as needed” rate. We are sure that you will like our rates.

Archiving Service

These days, if you deal with governement either federal,   state or local   you need to comply the a number of rules and regulations regarding the correct archiving of both hard and soft copies of data. DPS provide a off-site data archiving service at very compedative prices that allow you to transfer the responsiblity to us, so you can get one with todays workload.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP is a reasonably new and exiting way of utilising your currnet network bandwidth to make phone calls anywhere in the world. Originally using this technology you were restricted to making calls between computers but now you can call using your normal phone and can ring other normal phones, mobiles, computers and fax’s. There are a number of wonderful benifits including free call between VoIP systems and 5 cent per minute calls to normal phones throughout Australian and many other places throughout the world. If you don’t know about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) you should contact us so we can arrange a demonstration.